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Chesapeake Bay Fishing Guides – November 2016 Report

Chesapeake Bay Fishing Guides – November 2016 Report

November 20, 2016 @ 3:10 am
by admin
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Chesapeake Bay Fishing Guide Shawn Pruitt reports that November is Cold but Striper Fishing has been HOT!   Chesapeake Bay Fishing Guides have been getting lots of action and putting a lot of this in their boat.

The fish are moving to their winter holding areas and the river mouths have been very good fishing.   We have been getting fish in the 24+ inch range and some close to 30 inches or more.

We continue to fish light tackle and have been picking fish up while trolling and jigging in about 30 feet of water.  The fish are schooled and are fattening up for the cold weather ahead.  Once you find one fish you need to keep fishing as the likelihood of finding more in that sport are pretty high.

The weather is just pushing the fish south and in the coming weeks there is a good chance we will catch some trophy Striper.   Make sure you call and get the boat reserved because once the cows show up the boat will book quickly.

A December Striper Trip on Chesapeake Bay can be a very productive time.   The Never E-Nuff is the perfect vessel for these excursions as it has a very comfortable and warm cabin to get out of the elements in.  Complete with a Galley and plenty of seating you will stay warm and dry when moving from one fishing ground to another.

To forget to bring a warm jacket, gloves, waterproof hat and boots.  It only feels cold until the fish start biting then you will never even notice it.

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