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May 2017 Chesapeake Striper Fishing Report

May 2017 Chesapeake Striper Fishing Report

May 23, 2017 @ 1:41 pm
by admin
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This is the first Chesapeake Striper Fishing Report for 2017.   This year is shaping up to be a very good year for Striper Fishermen who enjoy fishing Chesapeake Bay.  The Striper fishing should continue to get even better as we enter in to the early summer.  If it is like last year the bite will continue well into fall and we may see some amazing Striper fishing into the holidays.

Late Spring and Early Summer are usually the best time to catch the trophy fish.  They are in the bay and tributaries to spawn and they can be very aggressive.  Tell your Captain if you want to target these fish before your trip starts,  he may have to change a few things before the trip begins.  Sometimes when you target the bigger fish you may not catch as many smaller Stripers.

It takes an experienced Chesapeake Charter Captain to put you consistently on the fish.   Fishing conditions on Chesapeake Bay can very from day to day and you need a captain that understands the nuances of the different water and weather conditions.   What worked yesterday doesn’t mean that it is going to work today.  Sometimes it takes a little patience but a good Captain should have you dialed in quickly to the fish.

Some fishermen like to bring their own gear when going out on a Charter.   Although most Captains don’t discourage it, they will point out the advantages of using their equipment.  Remember,  Chesapeake Striper Fishing Charters are focused on not only getting you on the fish but getting them into the boat.   For example your reel may have older line that is worn and brittle where the line on a Charter boat reel is generally new that season.   Wouldn’t you hate hooking the fish of a life time and it breaks off due to deteriorating line?


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