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2017 Chesapeake Bay In The Winter

2017 Chesapeake Bay In The Winter

January 15, 2017 @ 12:47 pm
by admin
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Living on the Chesapeake Bay gives you a real appreciation for the seasons.  As a Charter Boat Captain its a time to relax a bit, do needed repairs, order new equipment, and plan for the coming season.

Here at Never E-Nuff Charters we are doing all of that.  We had a great 2016 season and the Striper fishing was good all the way into December.  Our calendar was mostly full and we were moving fast to make sure our clients had a great time on the water.

As you are planning out your year don’t forget to put us on the calendar.  We offer:

  • Private Charter Fishing Trips
  • Chesapeake Bay Cruises
  • Team Building Adventures
  • Wedding Parties
  • Sunset Cruises
  • Lighthouse Cruises

The Never E-Nuff is a large vessel with all the accommodations to make your trip on the bay a comfortable and memorable one.  We offer a full galley, inside and outside seating, climate controlled cabin, clean bathroom, and an inviting crew.  Many of our guests will even cater food and wine to make the cruise that much more special.

Of course lets not forget the fishing.   The Never E-Nuff can comfortably fish up to about 20 fishermen.  If it rains or blows thats ok,  we have a covered section of the deck to stand under between fighting fish.  Our main quarry is Stripers but there are a number of other fish in Chesapeake Bay that occasionally find their way on to our hooks; spot, perch and crokers just to name a few.

Make sure to bring a camera, hat, sunglasses, clothes for the expected weather and a cooler to take fish home in if you are fishing.   Your catch will be prepared and bagged so that you can enjoy your catch at home with your family.

We are looking forward to the 2017 season and seeing old friends and making new ones!

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